Stormwater Engineering

The Stormwater Engineers review plans for all development within Rockdale County. They review:

Preliminary Subdivision and Site Plans

  • Infrastructure Construction Plans
  • Recorded Maps
  • Plans submitted for permit issuranceAs-Built Plans and certifications

The engineers manage the annual inspection reports that are required for all stormwater devices permitted within the County. The Engineering Section responds to inquiries from citizens, property owners, realtors, lenders, and developers requesting determinations as to whether a specific property is affected by the Floodplain.

Code of Ordinances

Plan Review Checklist

Water Quality

Stormwater Inspection 

For general inspection question or to schedule Stormwater Inspection please contact:

Tom Prater: Stormwater Maintenance


Development Inspections

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

By code any land-disturbing activity is required to have a land-disturbing permit prior to the breaking ground. Once permit is issues, the stormwater inspector monitors the site and communicate project requirements.


Erosion Control Code


Flood Plain Areas

A “Flood Permit” is required for any activity in or adjacent to a flood area. One the permit is obtained, the stormwater inspector ensures that work is conducted per the approved permit. The inspector also requires that all necessary certifications (FEMA) are completed for the activity.

Flood Damage Prevention


Watershed Protection Areas

A watershed includes all land that drains to a common body of water. Weather you live in a city, farm, or subdivision, you live in a watershed.


The 5 Major Watershed Districts in Rockdale County:

  1. Big Haynes Creek
  2. Yellow River
  3. Honey Creek
  4. Snapping Shoals
  5. South River

Within waterdsheds contawatershedsins water for drinking, swimming, fishing, and even water we need for bathing. All of these are essential to water we need to live. Watershed also contains the water that plants and animals need to live. The pollutants that are washed into the watershed affects our water resources. Please help keep pollutants like dirt, oil, fertilizer and other hazardous chemicals out of our stream, rivers, lakes, and groundwater.