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I Received A Notice, What Do I Do?

Below are frequently asked questions when one receives a notice:

What Is A Violation?  

A violation is an instance where a residential and/or commercial property does not meet the minimum standards as set out in the County’s ordinances. 

What Is A Notice? 

A Notice Of Violation is given to the property owner and resident when a violation is observed or discovered. The purpose of a Notice Of Violation is to initiate corrective action. It is not the intent of the County to issue citations, but to gain compliance with County codes for better health, welfare, and harmony within the community. 

How Long Do I Have To Fix The Issue? 

Each violation type has different timelines for corrective action that are dictated by the County ordinances. The Notice Of Violation will contain the timeline for corrective action and when a Code Enforcement Officer will re-inspect the property. 

What Is A Citation? 

If the violation has not been brought into compliance after the re-inspection date, the Code Enforcement Officer may issue a citation through the Magistrate Courts. The fines for County ordinance violations vary but can be issued for each day the violation exists, with each day being a new violation. In addition to the possible fine, liens may be placed on the property if repeated violations and/or abatement by the County has occurred. 

What If I Do Not Understand The Notice I Receive? 

If a resident needs clarification, it is best to contact the Code Enforcement Officer who issued the notice. The contact information for the Code Enforcement Officer is located on each Notice Of Violation. A resident may also call our office number at 770.278.7103 

What If I Need More Time? 

For an extension, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer. Depending on the violation, some extensions may be granted. 

How Can I Report A Code Violation? 

A violation can be reported by leaving an anonymous report via phone at 770.278.7103, emailing us at Code.ViolationsMailbox@RockdaleCountyGA.gov or by clicking here

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