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For Immediate Release

April 6, 2023


RockdaleCountyGa.Gov has A Brand-New Look!


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. –  The Rockdale County Government website has received several upgrades and updates from the collaboration between county departments and Solia Digital Media in Rockdale County. These digital renovations are more than an aesthetic upgrade, as they have improved upon the older site in numerous ways.

The site home page has been edited for visual appeal and consistency with the County colors and brand. It includes Prominent links to pages that citizens regularly rely on, the latest news feed, the latest featured videos, a consolidated menu that enables users to see the links to nearly every part of the website right on the main page, an events Calendar to which citizens may subscribe, and a header video displaying the beauty of Rockdale County’s land and people.

The site has also rebuilt a live search function. We have installed a brand-new translation feature, enabling users to get direct translations in many languages. The site offers disability access for the visually impaired by employing special shortcut keys to enlarge text or change colors and contrast. The site also has a Read-aloud function for those who need it.

The site is responsive and adjusts its layout based on the user’s device. Each department has a landing page with its menu navigation that links to that department’s pages. These landing pages are standardized so that citizens can easily find the contact information for the department.

Finally, we have made communicating and being transparent with citizens more straightforward. A new PDF document feature makes it easier for citizens to search and retrieve documents. The system uses a database that displays records in a tabular form within folders organized by date and type.

These changes will make interacting with the website and finding the answers one needs much more straightforward. Rockdale residents are encouraged to peruse the site for events, county updates, department information, and more!