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ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. –  The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners proudly announces the approval of the Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBO) during its voting session on December 12th. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering inclusivity and fairness in procurement processes within the county.

Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr., expressed the county’s commitment, stating, “I want to emphasize to our citizens and the community that we not only stand as an equal opportunity employer but also as an Equal Business Opportunity advocate. It is crucial that we foster an environment where everyone, both in our workforce and local businesses, has an equal chance to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of our community.”

Commissioner Washington Post 1 commented on the county’s progress, stating, “The strides we’ve made as a county have been truly remarkable. With the recent approval of the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO), the trajectory of our county’s future is poised for even greater success.”

Commissioner Williams, Post 2, highlighted the importance of outreach, saying, “It is crucial to connect with businesses that are currently underutilized, ensuring they are well-informed about upcoming initiatives and the avenues available for their active involvement in major projects and beyond.”

The EBO Program establishes comprehensive guidelines, policies, and procedures aimed at maximizing contracting opportunities with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs). This includes small enterprises, minority-owned businesses, women-owned enterprises, veteran-owned establishments, and those owned by individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

Under this program, Rockdale County will spearhead the development and implementation of targeted strategies, outreach programs, and inclusive initiatives. The objective is to actively engage HUBs in the county’s contracting processes, thereby enhancing local business prospects and promoting overall economic development.

In support of the EBO Program, Rockdale County will conduct outreach activities such as participation in trade fairs, hosting specialized business workshops, organizing pre-bid conferences, and disseminating information about this newfound opportunity. The Board of Commissioners strongly believes that promoting, encouraging, and utilizing HUBs will bring significant economic and community benefits to Rockdale County.

The approval of the EBO Program symbolizes a progressive stride towards a more inclusive and thriving Rockdale County.

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