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Public Relations Department


This department is responsible for increasing the citizenry’s awareness and understanding of county policies, programs, and actions. It is the responsibility of Public Relations staff to establish and maintain open channels of communication with the public and to facilitate citizen involvement in government as more informed individuals.


We take pride in providing prosperous opportunities through excellent customer service, professional and ethical behavior, and accessibility to the community while growing Rockdale’s visibility nationwide.


Quality Communication – Keeping an open channel of communication that is well-managed is essential to an excellent relationship.

Community Engagement – The community is the center of service. We aim to serve a community that we belong to and strive to make proud. Commitment to the story –In the current era of hyper-speed reporting, we take an effort in slowing down the process to get the truth, spread accurate information as it arrives, and take responsibility for the story we are telling.

Black History Month Presentations 2024

The Slate of Eight Four-Part Docuseries
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