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Alisha Johnson

Alisha Johnson

District Attorney

“Lest we ever forget, there is always more work to be done.”

Throughout history, countless innocent citizens have been victimized by the criminal element with little recognition of their individual rights or need for special assistance. Simultaneously, the criminal justice system has often been criticized for giving the appearance of protecting the rights of the accused at the expense of these victims. In response, efforts aimed at providing direct services to innocent victims and witnesses of crime have become increasingly prevalent.

The Rockdale County District Attorney’s Victim Witness Assistance Program was originally established in 1986, and today, provides support, encouragement and valuable information to assist crime victims, witnesses and their families in an effort to minimize the frustration, anxiety and fear often associated with the judicial process. We understand that victims and witnesses look to the criminal justice system for vindication and justice.

To us, you are not just another statistic, but the very reason for which we exist. We feel that is important for all victims and witnesses to have a basic understanding of the criminal justice system and their important rights and roles in this process. No criminal can be successfully prosecuted without your invaluable assistance and help. It is only through your participation and cooperation that Rockdale County will become a safer place for all of us. I encourage you to contact our Victim-Witness Program with any questions, concerns or need for assistance that you may have. Our job is to assist you. Please call us at 770-278-7990.

The function of the District Attorney’s Office is to represent the State and Rockdale County in the prosecution of criminal cases.

The District Attorney is elected to serve a four-year term. The District Attorney is Alisha Johnson.