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January 25, 2024

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — Rockdale County Public Relations is proud to announce the release of “The Slate of Eight: Black History Made in Rockdale,” a compelling four-part docuseries highlighting a pivotal moment in Black History that unfolded in Rockdale County in 2012.

The docuseries will premiere on multiple platforms, including Rockdale County’s Channel 23, YouTube Channel, and Vimeo, and will be accessible on the official website. Save the dates for the release of each episode:

– Episode 1: February 6th

– Episode 2: February 13th

– Episode 3: February 20th

– Episode 4: February 27th

Explore the stories of trailblazers who played a crucial role in changing the landscape of representation within Rockdale County. Delve into the history of citizens who challenged conventions, transforming their offices to embody the best version of itself.

Over the past decade, Rockdale County has undergone remarkable growth. Join us in a reflective celebration, examining how we’ve evolved and the impactful individuals who have shaped our community.

For more information, contact publicrelations@rockdalecountyga.gov or call 770-278-7050 for the Public Relations main line.

This is an inspiring journey you won’t want to miss!