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Board of Assessors Offers Extended Office Hours on March 30th


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. –  The Board of Assessors’ office will be open on Saturday, March 30th, from 8 am to 12 noon. April 1st is the last day to file for Homestead Exemption.

The extended office hours will allow the residents to ask questions and get help from the Board of Assessors with filing their Homestead Exemption. If eligible, a Homestead Exemption can reduce the property taxes on a homeowner’s legal residence. Therefore, residents are encouraged to determine their eligibility, collect the necessary documents, and file their exemption before the April 1st deadline.

The Board of Assessors’ office is at 958 Milstead Ave, Suite 101, Conyers, GA 30012. For more information, contact the Board of Assessors’ office at 770-278-7676 or visit the Homestead Exemption page at https://www.rockdalecountyga.gov/homestead-exemption/.


Rockdale County Secures Vital Funding for Infrastructure Projects in Final Government Funding Package



ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale County celebrates a significant milestone as Congressman Hank Johnson delivers over $15 million in Community Project Funding to Georgia’s 4th District, which includes Rockdale County. Signed into law by President Joe Biden, this funding represents a crucial investment in addressing our community’s pressing needs and advancing key infrastructure projects.

“Rockdale County expresses profound gratitude to Congressman Johnson for working with us to secure funding for these critical infrastructural projects, said Rockdale County Chairman Oz Nesbitt. “This funding is not just a financial boost — it’s a vote of confidence in our community, our plans, and our citizens. It represents a pivotal moment to help us make significant improvements vital to the quality of life for the citizens of Rockdale County.”

The allocated funding encompasses diverse projects to bolster Rockdale County’s infrastructure and improve essential services for its residents. Some highlights include:

  • Almand Branch Wastewater Treatment Project: $959,752 to enhance wastewater treatment capabilities, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for Rockdale County.
  • Honey and Scott Creek Pump Stations and Force Mains Project: $959,752 dedicated to upgrading pump stations and force mains, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the county’s water infrastructure.
  • River Street Water and Sewer Improvements: $959,752 has been allocated for essential water and sewer system upgrades, which will improve public health and safety.
  • Salem Lake Pump Station Replacement Project: $959,752 was designated to replace the Salem Lake Pump Station, bolstering the resilience and reliability of the county’s water infrastructure.

These projects, among others, will play a vital role in addressing critical infrastructure needs, promoting economic growth, and enhancing the overall well-being of Rockdale County residents.

Rockdale County is grateful to Congressman Johnson for his dedication and advocacy in securing funding for these essential projects, underscoring a shared commitment to building a stronger, more resilient community.

For more information about these projects and their impact on Rockdale County, please visit Congressman Johnson’s website here.


Rockdale County Juvenile Court Announces, “MENtoring Works” Event for Local Male Youth


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – The Rockdale County Juvenile Court is excited to announce its upcoming program, “MENtoring Works,” which is scheduled for March 21st from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Rockdale Career Academy, located at 1064 Culpepper Dr. SW, Conyers, GA.

The event is open to families with male middle and high school youth, who are encouraged to register and engage with male role models. This event aims to allow Rockdale County youth to expand their vision for the future by connecting with successful men in their community. Participants will gain insights into various career paths that may not necessarily require a college degree while also having the opportunity to establish connections with mentors.

At the event, youth and their parents/guardians can explore tables of interest, learn about different career paths, and interact with accomplished men in the community. Following the event, the Juvenile Court will facilitate the connection between interested youth and potential mentors, allowing them to develop meaningful mentoring relationships.

Mentor Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Oj0srZZdzTB93eYTGiLxOUtOfZ8Vbc1Aw5_0T8DO5Y/edit?pli=1

Mentee Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/163sppP0sdZkrJBMQaJVrSf0f2vN35ONrMnP9tTfg8xk/edit?pli=1

For more information about this event, please contact Shanique Brewer at Shanique.Brewer@RockdaleCountyGA.gov or (770)-656-6627.


Rockdale County Parks & Recreation Secures Atlanta Hawks Foundation-GRPA Funding



ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale County Parks & Recreation has been granted $2,380 in funding from the Atlanta Hawks Foundation due to its collaboration with the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA). The grant aims to provide more opportunities for youth sports and will enable scholarships for eligible participants in the 2024 Summer Sports Clinics. Additionally, the funding will support initiating a new cheer/dance clinic.

“The support provided by the Atlanta Hawks Foundation and GRPA is of immense value to our efforts in offering accessible and enriching recreational experiences for the youth of Rockdale County,” said Jason Redmond, Director of Parks and Recreation. “This funding will demolish financial barriers and empower us to introduce new program offerings, thereby advancing our mission of promoting community engagement and youth development through sports and recreational activities.”

In partnership with GRPA, the Atlanta Hawks Foundation extends resources and opportunities to member agencies such as Rockdale County Parks & Recreation. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to youth development and community engagement through sports, camps, clinics, and fitness initiatives.

Rockdale County Parks & Recreation is honored to be among the six agencies in its district that received funding through this partnership. This grant reinforces the department’s dedication to providing accessible and enriching recreational experiences for Rockdale County residents.

For more information, please contact Johnson Park Recreation Center 770-278-7529



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