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Can you fill my pool?

No, we do not perform that service.

Can you get my cat out of the tree?

No, but you can call Georgia Cat in Tree Rescue at 770-461-2778.

Do you have car seats?

No, we do not provide car seats. If you need a car seat inspection, call Meredith Hutcheson at 404-416-5547 to make an appointment.

How do I get a fire report for insurance?
How do I get a 911/ CAD/ open records report?
Can I bring my child for a tour?

Please contact:
Jasmyne Johnson, Senior Fire Safety Educator

I want a fire truck for my party/ parade/ community event. How do I schedule it?

Please contact:
Jasmyne Johnson, Senior Fire Safety Educator

Do you do blood pressure checks?

Yes, your local station will check your blood pressure if they are in quarters.

How do I request a fire inspection for my business?

Complete the fire inspection request form under documents and email it to FireMarshal@RockdaleCountyGa.Gov . Someone will contact you within 24 hours (except weekends & holidays) to schedule

Fire and Rescue – Fee Proposal

Business License/Change of Ownership/Certificate of Occupancy $50
Land Development and Construction review fees  

•Architectural/Structure/Interior finish**

  1. Less than 12000 sq. ft.
  2. Greater than 12000 sq. ft.
• Storage racks & commodity hazard changes $150
• Plat/Fast Track/Combination Plat $50
• Preliminary Subdivision Plat $50
• Final Subdivision Plat $100
• Subdivision Construction Plan $150
• Commercial Site Plan $150
** Includes 80% & 100% Fire Inspection  
Additional reviews  
• Second Free  
• 3rd and subsequent review $100
Tents/ Special Events/Temporary use structures $50
Fireworks display permit/Inspection $100
Blasting Permit $50
Fire Protection Systems***  

• Water based sprinkler systems

  1. NFPA 13/per riser
  2. Modifications to existing system for alterations
  3. Residential NFPA-13R/per unit
• Fire Alarm Systems $150
• Fire Standpipe System $150
• Kitchen Fire Protection Hood systems $150
• Special Hazard $150
• Inspections $50
*** Includes Fire Inspection  
Additional inspections  
• Second $50
• 3rd and subsequent inspection $75

Penalty for construction or change of use prior to issuance of permit 100% of permit fee

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Fire Department Address
1496 Rockbridge Road NW
Conyers, GA 30012

Fire Department Headquarters

 Telephone: (770) 278-8401

Outdoor Burning Information
(770) 278-8402

Outdoor Burning Permitting
(877) 652-2876

(770) 278-8930


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